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Sr Brand Manager

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Taguig City, Philippines - PHL
  • Post Date: 1/1/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
  • Post End Date: February 5 - 2019
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Job ID: R-13629

Position Overview:

Function Specific Activities:

The Senior Brand Manager will be the ‘Brand owner' of Coca-Cola in the region, our biggest and most important brand. The associate will need to act with strong entrepreneurial spirit & relentless passion to maximize the brand & business results. That includes:

1. Understanding of local consumers and competitors with the support of K&I to ensure the growth strategy and plans maximize the brand business
2. Develop and drive the Brand Growth Strategy through the system, in coordination with the BU 
3. Responsible for tracking comprehensive brand performance to capture learnings or provide course correction plan
4. Work in key ASEAN shared projects from Shared Bets from communication platforms to strategy projects and be an active member of the Brand community
5. Responsible for the Brand marketing plan & calendar maximizing quality and excellence in execution 
6. Leverage BU Shared Platforms in the activation plan and lead in partnership with the IMC team insightful and locally relevant activities 
7. Lead the cross-functional teams to ensure timely and excellent end-to-end execution with close coordination with K&I, IMC, Commercial, PAC, Technical, Finance, Legal and the Bottlers.
8. Execute Brand innovation initiatives following Innovation processes and with a focus on excellence in execution
9. Ensuring productive and effective use of System marketing investment, with good understanding of System P&L impact providing input in BPPC decisions.

Key to this role will be the ability to combine functional expertise with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a relentless focus on results and a great ability to create cross-functional integration with a very high sense of flexibility and understand cultural differences.


Prioritized Responsibilities:


Brand Planning/ Strategic Leadership:
1. Lead understanding of core consumer needs, consumption occasions and purchase motivations, together with competitive strategies and system capabilities to identify core business opportunities and priorities. 
2. Leverage this understanding to provide input to the key brand strategic levers. 
3. Support in the development of brand propositions locally relevant and refine brand architecture that will drive sustainable growth and profitability. 
4. Build sustainable brand solution that will capture motivating consumer equities (based on an identification of core product and brand drivers) through conceptualization and commercialization of integrated product architecture and strategic brand experiences
5. Obtaining key stakeholder buy in to plans (including bottler)
6. Tactical planning (responsible for delivering vision and briefing Internal Teams, Ops Team, IMC team)
7. Develop volume objectives, brand health metrics and plans to meet these goals

Project Leadership & Execution:
1. Provide cross functional project team leadership across key brand plan initiatives 
2. Communicate clear project vision and engage core team to deliver against this.
3. Ensure that key project stakeholders are aligned with goals and embrace change.
4. Facilitate and influence bottlers relationship to activate brand plans & key projects

Innovation - Commercialization & Product/Pack
1. Execute short and identify long term innovation strategies to profitably capture consumer unmet needs. 
2. Develop and commercialize product & package innovation for immediate and long term implementation.
3. Actively partner with technical, finance and commercial leadership to convert theory into pragmatic business solutions.

Relationship Management
1. Managing and collaborate with the business across all facets to apply resources to brand portfolio
2. Inspiring internal and external partners to deliver clear competitive advantage and maintain alignment with projects & plans
3. Develop feedback loops to build in information for process change and improvements

Operational Management/ Budget Responsibility
1. Management of volume and DME budgets for individual projects
2. Influence business performance by identifying/ driving marketing levers


  • BUs:  Interaction & alignment with ASEAN BU, regions & Global Brand Community
  • Internal: Brand Team Colleagues, IMC, Commercial Leadership, K&I, Technical, Legal, Corporate Affairs, Finance, etc.
  • Bottlers: Trade Marketing, Customer/ Channel Teams


  • Business assessment: Must be adept in brand analytics and can properly distil towards a sharp and solid plan of action
  • Sharp & fast decision making: Given the huge resources on the brand and the pace of activity, associate must be solid on brand facts to make timely and correct business calls.


  • Key input provider in the strategic plan.
  • Lead complex decision processes to ensure plans are on time and delivered with excellence
  • Decision-making accountability impacting 50% of total Marketing DME
  • Critical judgement on day-to-day requirements with the cross-functional teams

Innovation for the Coca-Cola brand is pillared on strong global network specific to product innovation, as well as solid understanding of BPPC to provide input on pack innovations. 


Marketing Leadership Competencies


• Understands the external environment and identifies new sources of opportunity
• Interrogates data to identify core business levers 
• Balances facts with intuition to distill complex opportunities into compelling business cases
• Understands the operational fundamentals of our bottling system
• Leverages financial rigor to prioritize and allocate resources effectively
• Measures financial and equity impact of investments and institutionalizes learnings
• Deploys discipline and process to improve impact and speed to market

Build Brand Love
• Anticipates future trends to engage and delight consumers 
• Seeks understanding of fundamental human needs and behaviors
• Pursues innovation and change with a mindset of continuous improvement 
• Balances intuition and fact to distill complex thought into action
• Demonstrates judgment to define a compelling core creative idea
• Crafts a vision for what the brand / category / market could be
• Persuades and inspires others (consumers, agency, system, suppliers, rights holders, etc) to create belief

Core Competencies:
1. Stakeholder influencing: ability to navigate complex stakeholder map and get things aligned & done
2. Inspiring leadership: ability to create a vision and inspire a big team to action
3. Acting like an Owner: passion to fully understand and own the brand as his own
4. Balance immediate & LT priorities: flexibility to adapt to changing business context while being true to LT strategy
5. Imports & Exports good ideas: demonstrates creativity and diligence to adapt a core creative idea into locally-relevant communication and platform

Minimum 10 years of experience in brand management across FMCGs 

University/Bachelors Degree


• Bi-lingual: English, ideally any other language of the ASEAN or APAC region
• Previous experience working in multi-cultural environment

Locatoin: Regional Lead Office


 10%-15% of the Time (Domestic and Within ASEAN), depending on requirements of project


Job Requirements:

Years of Experience:

Growth Behaviors:

  • GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
  • SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
  • EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.
  • PERFORMANCE DRIVEN AND ACCOUNTABLE: Has high performance standards. Outperforms her/his peers.
  • FAST/AGILE: Removes barriers to move faster. Experiments and adapts. Thrives under pressure and fast pace.
  • EMPOWERED: Brings solutions instead of problems. Challenges the status quo. Has the courage to take an unpopular stance.

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