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Strategy & Business Planning Manager

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt - EGY
  • Post Date: 3/1/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
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Job ID: R-19105

Position Overview:

Orchestrate the annual strategic business planning and business planning process.
Support System Leadership Team with strategic business reviews on key initiatives across the system and
course corrections to accelerate Region's growth to meet long-term financial objectives. Leads forecasting
and performance analysis and reporting efforts.
Provide Analytical and Project Management to the Region on strategic/business development/M&A
initiatives that are essential to accelerating Region's growth to meet long-term objectives and win
competitively and sustainably in the marketplace.
• Leads Competitive Intelligence analysis and overall landscape analysis (macro, social and political
• Support /lead ad-hoc Region/BU special projects

Function Specific Activities:

Key Duties/Responsibilities

1. Orchestrate the strategic business
planning and annual business plan
• Current Reality & Industry Forecasting
Analysis: leads overall opportunity
mapping efforts, leads category forecast
efforts for next 5 years, and conducts
detailed SWOT analysis of the overall
business. Coordinates a broad
consensus on the key issues and
opportunities, and the possible solutions
to kickstart the plan ideation
• Coordinates and integrates the strategy
documents for presentation to bottler,
senior management and other
• Integrates budgets (volume, expenses)
and assumptions (pricing, costs, etc), to
input into financial models and overall
strategy scorecards.
• Working in close collaboration with
Finance, K&I, Marketing and
Commercial/Franchise Leadership,
provides oversight of the System
Profitability Model output for consistency

and ensures updates of overall model
• Ensures that SBP and ABP actions are
based on Consumer, Customer and
Shopper knowledge

Support System Leadership Team
with strategic business reviews on key
initiatives across the system and course
corrections to accelerate Region's
growth to meet long term financial
objectives. Leads forecasting and
performance analysis/reporting efforts.
• Leads the Monthly System Business
review sessions, covering all aspects of
the business, including marketplace
performance, key initiative execution and
results updates, macro conditions
changes, etc.
• Supports Leadership Team in the
preparation of regular and custom
reports for Senior Management (BU,
Group, and Corporate) on the overall
region performance, indicated actions,
risks and opportunities.
• Supports GM in the preparation of
business cases for accelerated
investments, resource re-deployment
and/or changes in short and medium
term actions.
• Ensures continuous review and update
of business planning assumptions.
Establishes and leads the management
routines to review plan dashboard.

Provide Analytical and Project
Management support to the Region on
strategic/business development/M&A
• Lead key analysis on business cases
for potential M&A targets, new business
ventures, business development projects
(i.e. second chassis models, alternative
business models, franchise structure
changes)., in line with corporate
strategy, acting a liaison with corporate
M&A supporting the Finance Director
and general manager.
• Support/lead project management on
key M&A/business development
• Support/lead special projects identified
by the General Manager to advance
alternative and complementary growth
sources for the Region.

Leads Competitive Intelligence
analysis and overall landscape analysis
(macro, social and political environment).
• Map of competitive landscape, and
profile of competition, their likely
strategies and plans.
• Lead/conduct “war-gaming” exercises,
to test the robustness of the region
strategy against alternative competitive
situations. Recommend alternative
choices to improve resilience of the
business strategy against alternative
competitive scenarios.

Communication Complexities

Needs to communicate internally, across departments, including K&I, Marketing, Commercial, Regional
Operations, Finance, Technical and PAC. Also, engages frequently with bottler strategic planning team,
general manager and sales and marketing teams, and with key customers in top-to-top presentations of
strategy. Can be called upon to represent the Region in TCCC forums. Presents to senior management
during their visits to the Region. Key Region counterpart of BU strategy & planning team.


Very strong Analytical skills. Strong knowledge of business planning process. Strong understanding of
system economics, profit drivers, market dynamics. Although planning process is clearly defined, actual
development of the plans require significant effort in alignment, evaluation of alternatives, persuasion and
integrated thinking.

Required Qualification

Minimum of 7+ years of related experience, ideally with Financial, marketing, commercial or K&I

Job Requirements:

Years of Experience:

Leadership Behaviors:

  • DRIVE INNOVATION: Generate new or unique solutions and embrace new ideas that help sustain our business(encompassing everything from continuous improvement to new product and package innovation). 
  • COLLABORATE WITH SYSTEM, CUSTOMERS, AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS: Develop and leverage relationships with stakeholders to approximately stretch and impact the System (Company and Bottler).
  • ACT LIKE AN OWNER: Deliver results, creating value for our Brands, our System, our customers, and key stakeholders. 
  • INSPIRE OTHERS: Inspire people to deliver our mission and 2020 Vision, demonstrate passion for the business and give people a reason to believe anything is possible. 
  • DEVELOP SELF AND OTHERS: Develop self and support others' development to achieve full potential. 

Growth Behaviors:

  • GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
  • SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
  • EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.
  • PERFORMANCE DRIVEN AND ACCOUNTABLE: Has high performance standards. Outperforms her/his peers.
  • FAST/AGILE: Removes barriers to move faster. Experiments and adapts. Thrives under pressure and fast pace.
  • EMPOWERED: Brings solutions instead of problems. Challenges the status quo. Has the courage to take an unpopular stance.

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