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Principal Engineer - Northampton - Northeast

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Northampton, MA - USA
  • Post Date: 8/1/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
  • TRAVEL REQUIRED: 00% - 25%
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Job ID: R-19461

Job Description Summary

Why Join Coca-Cola North America?

It's an exciting time to work in The Coca-Cola Company's flagship market. We're accelerating our momentum as the fastest-growing large consumer goods company in North America by putting people at the heart of our business and everything we do - whether we're innovating to give consumers the drinks and packaging sizes they want, or building our eCommerce capabilities. People are our focus when we're collaborating with our diverse network of locally-connected bottling partners, and when we're returning every drop of water we use to communities and nature. And people - with the different backgrounds, skills and perspectives they bring to our workplace - are helping transform our business, one big idea at a time. We empower our employees to challenge the status quo, make bold recommendations, experiment and adapt, so we can grow together and make a great business even better.

Function Specific Activities:

The Principal Engineer manages all activities of the engineering department to design new products, improve production techniques etc.; analyzes technology trends and market demand to plan projects; determines engineering feasibility, cost effectiveness and customer demand for new and existing products; forecasts operating costs of department and directs preparation of budget requests. Also responsible for managing teams with focus on policy and strategy implementation and control rather than development; short-term operational/tactical responsibilities.

Primary Job Functions

  • Manage project scope, budget and schedule for primary site as well as possible outside manufacturing/warehouse locations
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously including managing the installation of the purchased equipment or facility improvements in order to complete the capital expenditure
  • Contribute and be a valued member of cross-functional teams
  • Foster an environment that encourages others to solicit feedback and learn from internal clients and external customers
  • Interact with and manage contractors and equipment manufacturers
  • Coordinate resources to analyze and resolve production, utility and building structural issues
  • Ensure projects are consistent with local and corporate standards
  • Provide direction, leadership and coaching to members of a project team
  • Communicate status of work to appropriate parties in order to keep them informed and involved
  • Prepare technical presentations
  • Update documents in order to complete the detailed design, product manufacturing and commercial introduction plans
  • Remain current on Plant and Industry technical needs
  • Support CCNA safety and quality objectives
  • Verify final design with customers and internal stakeholders to gain their buy-in in order to assure final product meets customer/stakeholder specifications and business objectives
  • Complete project closeout including documentation, transfer of project records and document status of acceptance criteria

Secondary Job Functions

  • Respond to emergency situations in the plant
  • Determine, implement or evaluate effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Develop and execute facility/product plans to ensure they meet current and future business requirements while maintaining a three-year capital project list
  • Gather and organize information to support senior management's decision-making during crisis situations
  • Manage documentation and records in order to ensure that they are complete, current, and easily retrievable
  • Travel up to 30% annually

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in an engineering field
  • Five to ten years of engineering experience
  • Strong plant equipment and beverage experience
  • Strong technical and analytical skills
  • Able to read and interpret technical diagrams
  • Able to use PC with Microsoft Office software
  • Able to act with integrity, self-confidence, accountability and collaboratively
  • Understand the complexities and interdependencies of information and events

Function Specific Activities:

  • Investigate plant incidents to identify root cause of safety or environmental violations and non-compliance.
  • Respond to emergency situations in plant (e.g., spills, leaks, overflows, transportation incidents).
  • Develop and communicate a clear charter for a project or initiative with clarity of scope and expected outcomes.
  • Identify and resolve equipment, production, package, facility or process issues (e.g., component failures, through put bottlenecks,hazards, inadequate asset life) and document changes in order to provide a basis for evaluating equipment performance, product quality or equipment authorization.
  • Develop strategies, goals, or plans for work that directly impact revenue of the Company.
  • Manage the project costs (e.g., required resources, installation materials) that roll up into the overall commercialization project cost in order to control costs against budget and to ensure that assets are properly capitalized upon project closeout.
  • Determine, implement or evaluate effectiveness of corrective action to remedy safety/environmental issues.
  • Develop and execute facility/product plans to ensure they meet current and future business requirements (e.g., good manufacturing practice, quality, volume and product growth, regulatory requirements, new product introductions, and health and safety).

Core Competencies:

  • Drives Innovative Business Improvements: Develops new insights into solutions that result in organizational improvements; promotes a work environment that fosters creative thinking, innovation and rational risk-taking.
  • Balances Immediate and Long-Term Priorities: Seeks to meet critical objectives while considering the impact of those decisions and activities on the ability to achieve long-term goals.
  • Delivers Results: Focuses on the critical few objectives that add the most value and channels own and others' energy to consistently deliver results that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Imports and Exports Good Ideas: Relentlessly seeks, shares and adopts ideas and best practices in and outside the Company and embraces change introduced by others.
  • Develops and Inspires Others: Builds and maintains relationships that motivate, guide, and/or reinforce the performance of others toward goal accomplishments. Develops self and others to improve performance in current role and to prepare for future roles; seeks and provides feedback and coaching to enhance performance.
  • Lives the Values: Demonstrates the values of The Coca-Cola Company through words, actions, and by example; fosters an environment that reflects the values of the company.

Technical Skills:

  • Engineering Skills: Knowledge of and the ability to understand, design, apply and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Facilities Engineering: Knowledge of and ability to apply engineering principles to maintain, run and improve operational facilities. Includes the ability to problem solve unique engineering issues.
  • Asset Development: Ability to design and commercialize new packaging line layouts and dispensers for efficiency and effectiveness with consideration for future capacities and capabilities (e.g., ergonomics, GMP, NSF, safety, environmental, etc.).
  • Asset Improvement: The ability to use engineering principles to troubleshoot existing line and plant layouts and design, plant and dispensing equipment, dispensing systems, control systems and installation/maintenance issues in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Thermal Processing: Knowledge and application of thermal processing techniques (e.g., hot fill, pasteurization, retort).
  • Advanced Project Management: Ability to lead capital (e.g., construction) and/or high-profile projects (e.g., BestPET, eKOfreshment) that involve cross-functional teams. Includes the ability to manage large budgets, broad scopes, multiple suppliers and/or team members from partner companies.

Job Requirements:

Years of Experience:

Growth Behaviors:

  • GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
  • SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
  • EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.
  • PERFORMANCE DRIVEN AND ACCOUNTABLE: Has high performance standards. Outperforms her/his peers.
  • FAST/AGILE: Removes barriers to move faster. Experiments and adapts. Thrives under pressure and fast pace.
  • EMPOWERED: Brings solutions instead of problems. Challenges the status quo. Has the courage to take an unpopular stance.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. Apply
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