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Franchise Leadership Director

The Coca-Cola Company

  • Location: Lima, Peru - PER
  • Post Date: 2/12/2019
  • Job Type: FULL TIME
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Job ID: R-24142

Position Overview:

Manages the day to day operations of the franchise incl. marketing, commercial and financial; executes strategies with bottling partners; cooperates with bottlers to ensure local relevance and alignment with overall business; reviews and implements revenue growth opportunities/solutions. Individual contributor and acknowledged expert both within and outside of the organization; typically participates in industry/knowledge reference groups; involves mastery of a specialized discipline and thorough understanding of a number of disciplines.

Function Specific Activities:

The person in this role will ensure business results and alignment with Arca Contal-Peru.

Oversee operations in Peru supervising all Operations related isues across the franchise. Lead and coordinate Operations across Peru, including Franchise Leaders, Marketing and Finance Operations, technical area. Both within KO and with BO.

Lead strategic, operational and commercial projects impacting Peru as a whole (RGM2.0, Peru 2030,new business integration)


Key responsabilities:

List the duties in order of importance. Note: Include % of time required for each duty.

Lead ARCA Contal turnarround and transformation including relationship and alignment with

BO GM. Ensure results delivery, investments, organizational development and capabilities


Oversee operations in Peru, with informal day to day supervision of ARCA's Franchise Sr Manager and Junior Manager, as well as Planning Lead, Finance Lead, Marketing Lead.

Lead strategic, operational and commercial projects impacting Peru as a whole (RGM 2.0, Peru 2030-2X, strategic vision, new business and distribution models integration), comercial capability turnaround.

Lead Peru's office key processes, including annual BP, Agile@Franchise implementation including BO-KO integrated teams, monthly business management routines and operating routines. Additionally, act in representation of Country Manager in his absence.


Communication complexities:

Business Unit President (TCCC): monthly results, alignment on key CAPEX investments, reporting on key strategic projects.

KO Peru's General Manager: day to day reporting relationship, reporting on results delivery.

Bottling Partner General Manager: alignment on strategy, commercial activities, CAPEX investment for 40 MM USD annually, Bottling Partner's operating structure, negotiation with national wide customers.


Challenges for this role:

Identify growth opportunities, align strategies and plans to captures them, align resources (investments) needed to capture those opportunities, track results, adjust plans when needed to protect results (P&L)

delivery, design and propose incentives from high to bottom level at bottling partner, anticipate/react to competitive moves, identify potential M&A.


Judgment & Decision making:

Describe the nature and impact of the decisions required in this job. For each decision indicate whether the role makes a recommendation or has final authority.

Annual targets for KO and bottling partner, from overall growth levers, e.g. OI, NSR, Transactions, Volume, sugar reduction, SOV, to operational level e.g. Phisical distribution by SKU.

Recommender Annual CAPEX investment at bottling partner, and KO participation

Recommender Annual business plan: strategies to capture growth opportunities

Recommender Annual activity / tactic / operational plan at bottling partner level

Final Authority Adjust commercial plans in order to ensure P&L delivery

Final Authority Budget operating expenses in annual basis with bottling partner, ensuring

fully funded business approach is fulfilled (covering DME, DED, etc funding)

Position leads business planning process both, internally towards KO stakeholders and Big Bets, and externally towrads Bottler and its value chain [e.g. coolers]


Lead implementation of new launches, ensuring tactic and operating plans behind them. Transform the way we work as a company in Peru and with our bottling partners, implementing Agile@Franchise [methodology, structure, inetarctions, etc]

Soft skills required:

Develop the next generation of leaders

Drive, passion, purpouse

Shows consistently the 4 growth behaviors

Drive commercial execution to win and lead at the Point of Sale

Franchise leadership in complex scenarios - preferable active participation in a franchise turnaround

Drive business from strategic thinking to market execution


Supervisory organization:

No direct reports under this role.


Required experience:

12 - 15 years Franchise Operations, Franchise Leader of at least one large BO,

Franchise capability senior Manager or Director

Marketing Operations Lead.

Education level required to perform this job.

University / Bachelors Degree


Job Requirements:

Years of Experience:

Growth Behaviors:

  • GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
  • SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
  • EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.
  • PERFORMANCE DRIVEN AND ACCOUNTABLE: Has high performance standards. Outperforms her/his peers.
  • FAST/AGILE: Removes barriers to move faster. Experiments and adapts. Thrives under pressure and fast pace.
  • EMPOWERED: Brings solutions instead of problems. Challenges the status quo. Has the courage to take an unpopular stance.

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